Galician sea Urchin


The taste of the sea in a bite

The Galician Sea Urchin does not require further culinary intervention, as you know, the better the product, the less you have to touch it. Natural or simply cooked, they are a mouthful difficult to forget. Its flavor is intense, between sweet and salty, some define it as iodized with a texture: between soft and creamy, it is also known as Sea Caviar.

Traditionally, most of the sea urchin caught in Galicia was only destined for Asturias, where it was often consumed in cider houses. Nowadays it has been greatly revalued in the market and we can qualify it as a delicatessen and it has an increasing presence in haute cuisine offering multiple possibilities in the preparation and presentation of recipes in the best kitchens of the Spanish haute cuisine.

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The Santiaguiño is a little known but highly appreciated crustacean; if you haven't had the pleasure of tasting it, don't miss your chance!


Santiaguiños de la Ría

The Galician spider crab from the Ría stands out all over the world for its flavor and texture, which are very different from those of the spider crab, since they have the so-called ''corals'' that make this seafood unique and different.


Centollas de la Ría

The Galician Lobster is one of the most appreciated and quoted seafood in the auctions of the Galician fish markets. Its meat is very fine, consistent, white and delicate.


Galician lobster

Intense flavor and exquisite meat


Galician Barnacle

The oysters originating from Galicia are the so-called "Ostrea edulis", which are also native to the European coasts. These oysters are popularly known as flat oysters, and have a much higher gastronomic value than oysters from other seas.


The flat oyster (Napoleón and Superking)

The Galician crab from the estuary is one of the star products of the Rías Baixas because it has a very tasty meat with a sea flavor that has nothing to do with the crab from the Atlantic. The crab is perfect to initiate the little ones in the world of seafood flavor.


Nécoras de la Ría

The Galician blue lobster from the estuary is a very scarce seafood due to the decades of overexploitation of this Galician seafood, although currently thanks to the work of repopulation of the spice is getting some quantity in the different fish markets of the Rias Baixas.


Galician blue lobster


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