a place to create and share your memories. The magic of creating unforgettable moments

Live a unique gastronomic experience.

Inspired by Galician cuisine, O'Peregrino wants to make you feel and enjoy an explosion of flavours.

At O'Peregrino, we always respect the product we offer and honour its history.
We expose our guests to the best shape and flavour so that they can enjoy them with the best company.
Reserve your table and enjoy with us.


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Our years of experience have taught us that wine is the best match for food.
Discover our dishes and our best wines.

At O'Peregrino, we want to tell you our story

Smells and flavours are essential for our diner to travel emotionally with the conspiracy of memory.
At O'Peregrino we are ready not to let you forget.

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A look at our essence

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Our events

Hard work pays off

At O'Peregrino we respect Galician cuisine and culture, that's why Spanish TV visits us.

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The comfort of the new

The premises have been refurbished to offer maximum comfort to our guests.

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If you respect history, you offer a legacy.

We like to tell our story to our customers through our dishes.

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The best seafood at your home

O'Peregrino offers take away service so you can enjoy it at home with your family and friends.

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A place to create and share your memories. The magic of creating unforgettable moments.

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